Stonebridge Log Homes, Todd, NC

views blue ridge mountainThis charming community is nestled in the heart of the timeless Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in Ashe County, NC between the towns of
West Jefferson and Boone, North Carolina. The official address for the Stonebridge community
is Todd, NC.

The developers of Stonebridge created this mountain settlement by rescuing venerable old log cabins and barns that would otherwise been lost to progress and brought them to this mountain to create a haven for people who value the homespun tradition of past Appalachia lifestyle.

Stonebridge offers some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world and most definitely the most unique log homes in the North Carolina Mountains. The homes in the Stonebridge community conform while keeping each home with its own individuality. There is something special and unique about each home that no other has.

snow carolThe logs used in the construction of these unique log homes, some are as large as twenty-six inches wide. Every home in Stonebridge has stone foundations, dry-laid stone fireplaces, wood floors, wood-shingle roofs and natural lawns. Covered porches and decks are designed to give additional space for entertaining while capture the mountain views or the sounds of soft flowing mountain streams as they meander by.

The homes are scattered over 500 acres of native hardwood, conifers, mountain laurel and other native flowering plants and trees. Mountain ferns and wildflowers grow freely adorning the natural lawns of Stonebridge homes.

front porch
All Stonebridge homes have a front covered porch, in addition to open and covered decks. Some homes have a screened side or back porch.

Elevations begin somewhere in the 3,400 range and climb to 4,600 on the highest ridges. Homes are nestled in trees, some offer streams with small waterfalls while the homes atop the ridges offer breathtaking long-range views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountain.

Stonebridge has been featured in many publications, including Southern Living and Blue Ridge Magazine.

Stonebridge is a place where time stands still, where you foregt the hustle and bustle of city life and nature abounds. There is an aboundance of natural beautyto be found in Stonebridge.

It is a place where the sunlight dances through the trees, starlight twinkles in the night, smoke curls lazily from the chimneys on a cool spring morning, cool breezes fill the air and rocking chairs sit on friendly porches.

The developers of Stonebridge are true craftsmen who captured the spirit of yesteryear and preserved a true mountain home tradition. There is nothing in the North Carolina Mountains that compares with Stonebridge.

Stonebridge is secluded, mystical and enchanting.

Stonebridge homes for sale.

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